Design is key, Impressions are everything.

The service workshop doesn’t have to be considered back of house. It doesn’t have to be a place where your customer sees their car disappear into the abyss!

Harnessing the workshop design experience at Bullworthy, your workshop can be so much more. The workshop design team at Bullworthy understands the operational needs of a busy service and repair workshop. They understand the functionality and the connectivity required for your business to achieve valued productivity.

The most important people in any business is the staff. Look after your staff and your staff will look after your customers. Creating a working environment within the workshop that Technicians appreciate, will not only aid the business in retaining skilled and valued employees but will also lift standards and attitudes towards work.

Where would you prefer to work?

Would you like to find out more about the range of DEA workshop furniture we offer and how your workshop can be designed in maximising the benefits of it? Visit the dedicated workshop furniture section of our website by visiting or alternatively, call our dedicated Project team today, to start your workshop of tomorrow. (01295) 768373 Select option 1 when prompted or email at,

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