July’s Top Equipment Picks – Summer Edition!

The garage equipment trade is one that is constantly evolving with products and services being introduced to the market each year. As a consumer, the prospect of sifting through the endless amounts of possible equipment solutions can be quite daunting. Luckily here at Bullworthy’s, we have you covered! Each month we will be presenting you […]

Seeing the light!

The essence of any good headlamp test machine is to have high-quality optics that produce a clearly defined image, combined with an effective system for ensuring accurate alignment to a headlamp and the ability to maintain this to a high standard of performance. Any headlamp tester destined for use within an MOT & ATL installation […]

Gear up for this summer!

As we quickly approach the summer months, it may be worth considering how the market will change during this time and how your workshop will be able to accommodate these changes. For example, with the increase in road vehicles being equipped with modern air conditioning systems as standard, customers will be looking for these systems […]

Taking the hard work out of exhaust extraction!

Introducing the GTL Touchless arm series from WORKY – The most advanced solution for the extraction of the exhaust gases produced by all types of vehicles, regardless of the size and position of the exhaust pipes. Each GTL Touchless arm can be tailored to serve a specific work bay (stationary version for wall or high-level […]