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Simply untouchable!

The fume extraction system plays a fundamental role inside the modern workshop. Fumes must be dealt with inside the workplace in an efficient manner; failure to extract these potentially hazardous fumes will eventually pollute the workplace putting staff and possibly customers in harm’s way. The biggest problem with exhaust extraction systems is finding the correct […]

Quality that’s available to everyone!

The demand for DEA Worklab (workshop furniture) just keeps on coming, with no rest even this early on in 2019. You don’t have to be a multi-million-pound new build built by one of the top dealership networks to consider such furniture, now there is an ever-increasing amount of business and interest being generated by the […]

Grab yourself a ‘Super Deal’ this Christmas!

When it comes to sourcing garage equipment for your workshop, more often than not it can be a daunting prospect due to the sheer amount of choice that is available to the customer in today’s market. With so many options available and without professional guidance from a reputable garage equipment company, it’s quite easy to […]

Functionality that doesn’t compromise on style!

When it comes to choosing workbenches for your workshop, consumers are often stifled in their purchasing decisions based on the compromise that is made between functionality and aesthetics. While you can obtain a workbench that ticks all the boxes with regards to operation, you are left with a product that is less pleasing on the […]