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May’s Top Equipment Picks!

The garage equipment trade is one that is constantly evolving with products and services being introduced to the market each year. As a consumer, the prospect of sifting through the endless amounts of possible equipment solutions can be quite daunting. Luckily here at Bullworthy’s, we have you covered! This month we focus on Technique steel […]

Premium Branding.

Bullworthy will only offer recognised premium workshop equipment. Premium brands not only ensure the highest possible standard for products, but will prove more reliable and efficient in use, reduce the cost of long-term ownership and will, most importantly, generally be safer to use. Exceeding the strict demands of CE approval, and having endured rigorous factory […]

Experts In Workshop Furniture.

DEA premium quality workshop cabinets and technical furniture are designed and manufactured in ltaly for the automotive workshops of tomorrow. Manufactured in module style, this allows design solutions to accommodate new-build installations or indeed to meet the constraints imposed within an existing workshop. For larger workshops typical of franchised dealer groups, DEA’s central service module […]

Keeping in ‘touch’ with the trends.

The garage equipment trade is one that is changing on a day to day basis. New technology is constantly being developed by equipment manufacturers to assist workshops with their day to day operations, making operation easier and increasing productivity. Ensuring your workshop keeps ahead of the modern trends and embracing new technologies will put your […]