Author: Bullworthy Garage Equipment

Staying ahead of the curve!

The garage equipment trade is one that is constantly evolving. Whether it be new equipment coming to the market, or changes to regulations and legislation. Ensuring you consistently stay up to date with what is going on within the industry will put you in good stead and keep your workshop one step ahead of the […]

Taking the hard work out of tyre changing!

The Technique Memory 1 should not be mistaken for any standard tyre changer. This completely lever less tyre changer makes easy work of changing any low profile, run flat or standard tyre. The memory function allows the vertical roller bead breaker and demount head to go back to the same rim position at the push […]

Technique keeps the wheels turning!

The ‘Technique’ range of wheel care equipment with its state-of-the-art technology and brand-new design marks a step change in wheel care products. Not only offering exceptional value for money, but a host of features that separate it from the rest of the competition. Regardless of the size of your organisation, whether you are a small […]