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The perfect fit for Elite Garages Pulborough!

No two workshops are the same – They come in all shapes and sizes. Some are blessed with plenty of space to comfortably house equipment and still provide plenty of working area for technicians. However, there are some workshops that are slightly more taxing requiring the garage equipment company to think outside the box. This […]

All systems go for Wolsey VW Van Centre!

When deciding to further utilise existing space in the workshop, there are many factors to take into consideration ahead of time, this is the ideal time to call Bullworthy the garage equipment and project specialist. Many factors such as identifying the current demands in the market, and how the latest equipment technology can have an […]

Laying the foundations for success.

Planning a new workshop or refurbishing an existing facility can often feel overwhelming, especially if you’re involved in the crucial day to day running of the workshop or the overall operation of the business. Adding one or two additional vehicle lifts often has an unforeseen knock-on effect which doesn’t always allow the business to use […]