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Garage Equipment Association unveil new website!

The Garage Equipment Association – The governing body and founders of the trading and installation standards in the garage equipment trade have recently revamped their website in time for the New Year. The GEA which was established in 1945 is a non-profit membership association comprising of some of the biggest and most respected garage equipment […]

Stamp of approval!

One of the biggest areas of concern in the market over recent years has been the manufacture and distribution of sub-standard garage equipment with poor or zero technical backup including the installations and calibrations being carried out that do not comply with the current industry standards. There has never been a more crucial time to […]

Practice makes perfect!

When running a busy workshop with multiple vehicle technicians, it’s important to ensure that staff are fully capable of correctly operating the equipment inside that workshop in a safe and efficient manner. Reading and understanding all the provided manuals supplied by the vehicle lift manufacturer and replying on training provided by either the lift manufacturer […]