November’s Top Picks!

The garage equipment trade is one that is constantly evolving with products and services being introduced to the market each year. As a consumer, the prospect of sifting through the endless amounts of possible equipment solutions can be quite daunting. Luckily here at Bullworthy’s, we have you covered! Each month we will be presenting you […]

A lift that ticks all the boxes!

Specialist workshops that deal with bespoke vehicle renovations and restorations require quality equipment that is not only fit for purpose but reliable enough to handle important tasks as these. With projects running into substantial amounts of money it’s important to ensure you are using the most dependable equipment attainable. This was the case for David […]

Wheel alignment made simple!

When it comes to wheel alignment and the important role it plays in the overall testing process of a motor vehicle, you simply cannot cut corners. Obtaining state of the art technology that is capable of carrying out a full and vigorous test of the vehicle’s suspension and alignment of wheels ensures that your workshop […]

The number one choice for exhaust extraction!

When it comes time to sourcing an extraction system for your workshop, there are many important factors to consider ahead of time to ensure you obtain a suitable system capable of efficiently remove hazardous gases from your workshop area in a safe manner. Without the proper equipment in place to deal with these gases, not […]