More pages, more deals!

The Super Deals is back and even bigger than ever for 2021, jam packed with 28 pages of leading brand garage equipment from only the best manufacturers in the garage equipment industry. Two of the newest additions to the already impressive array of equipment featured in the latest Super Deals comes from Tscan – Innovators […]

The future is here!

Groove Glove is a hand held scanner that allows tyre retailers and their customers to easily and quickly understand the wear condition of tyres. Operated wherever a WiFi signal exists it avoids errors and provides sales opportunities for replacement tyres and wheel alignments. Groove Glove creates a digital customer report that uniquely identifies your customers […]

Technique keeps the wheels rolling!

The Technique Memory 1 should not be mistaken for any standard tyre changer. This completely lever less tyre changer makes easy work of changing any low profile, run flat or standard tyre. The memory function allows the vertical roller bead breaker and demount head to go back to the same rim position at the push […]