Grab yourself a ‘Super Deal’ this Christmas!

When it comes to sourcing garage equipment for your workshop, more often than not it can be a daunting prospect due to the sheer amount of choice that is available to the customer in today’s market. With so many options available and without professional guidance from a reputable garage equipment company, it’s quite easy to […]

Bicester Commercials invest for the future!

Vehicle lifts are undoubtedly the heart and soul of any workshop carrying out the lion’s share of the work on a daily basis. With such high expectations put on them, it’s imperative to invest in the very best lifting equipment possible that will be able to withstand such strenuous workloads as well as offering a […]

Haynes Car Care Build For The Future!

Space matters with modern workshops so ensuring you utilise every available inch whilst maintaining adequate spacing to fulfill health and safety obligations is of the utmost importance. Bullworthy were recently contacted by Haynes Car Care situated in Wallingford, Oxfordshire who were looking to renovate an old unit adjacent to their existing workshop in a bid […]

Functionality that doesn’t compromise on style!

When it comes to choosing workbenches for your workshop, consumers are often stifled in their purchasing decisions based on the compromise that is made between functionality and aesthetics. While you can obtain a workbench that ticks all the boxes with regards to operation, you are left with a product that is less pleasing on the […]