Getting a grip on tyre diagnostics!

Tyre diagnostic equipment is an important addition for the reception bay for any class of workshop. Having such equipment in place creates the possibility of additional opportunities and revenue for your business. Introducing the Technique T2800 series Treadreader – A fully automated, drive-over tyre measuring and scanning system that is easy to use and incredibly […]

Second to none!

Rotary Lifts – Considered by many to be the world’s most trusted vehicle lift provider, have been manufacturing vehicle lifting solutions for the automotive industry for over 90 years and are renowned for their superior build quality, reliability, and ability to adapt to the constantly changing requirements of the busy modern-day workshop. With such a […]

Getting it right!

Air purification systems are an essential asset, and a lawful requirement to any workshop that deals with harmful substances, dust or hazardous fumes. With so much pressure on workshops to ensure they are safely and efficiently removing these, it’s important that the job is done right! That’s where WORKY comes in! WORKY believes in the […]