Information at your fingertips!

In today’s modern era, technology is king. We use some form of technology every day to help us control certain aspects of our lives, from switching off our lights at home with the help of a mobile app, to managing our finances online. Regardless of the purpose, chances are there is a digital solution that […]

Meet the team – Jason Bullworthy.

Continuing in our series of meet the team blog posts, this week we are focussing on our sales department and introducing Sales Manager Jason Bullworthy. Jason has been with the company for over a decade initially starting as an area sales representative for our Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire client base but recently promoted up to a […]

Stamp of approval!

One of the biggest areas of concern in the market over recent years has been the manufacture and distribution of sub-standard garage equipment with poor or zero technical backup including the installations and calibrations being carried out that do not comply with the current industry standards. There has never been a more crucial time to […]