The devils in the detail!

Building trust with customers to ensure return business and future referrals is key when operating a workshop. However, there are some instances where a customer may query a quote for the opportunity to carry out works on their vehicle. These missed opportunities to upsell replacement tyres or a wheel alignment service can soon take its toll on a workshop’s daily intake.

What if there was a solution that could do all of this for you in just over a minute? A solution that could provide concrete evidence of your findings in a well-presented manner.

Introducing Groove Glove – The future of tyre and alignment diagnostics. Groove Glove is a handheld scanner that allows tyre retailers and their customers to understand the wear condition of tyres easily and quickly. Operated wherever a Wi-Fi signal exists it avoids errors and provides sales opportunities for replacement tyres and wheel alignments.

A key feature of the Groove Glove is the cloud based automated report. It is easy to read and analyse tyre and vehicle alignment status and allows the operator to educate the customer consistently and professionally, further building a relationship based on transparency and trust.

Alan Smith, Bullworthy’ vehicle equipment specialist had this to say whilst on a recent visit to a customer’s workshop to demonstrate the Groove Glove.

On scanning all the tyres, the report highlighted the abnormal tyre wear to the outer edges of the front tyres and informed the operative as to the various depths of tread on each of the tyres. This report single handily illustrated the tremendous value of the Groove Glove as it confirmed what the garage had suspected, and they could email the customer with a pictorial report showing their findings. Given this evidence the customer could see for themselves exactly what the garage was telling them and then gave the go-ahead to carry out a wheel alignment. This then generated extra income for the garage and made the vehicle handle better on the road. This one job more than covered the weekly leasing figure for the equipment”. The garage can also link the Groove Glove to a monitor in the reception so that the customer can see the report when on site.

Want to find out more about the Groove Glove and how it can benefit your workshop? Contact our sales team today on (01295) 768373 and select option 1 at the menu. Or alternatively, you can email them at

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