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Fumes that are generated from the process of soldering can prove to be extremely hazardous to the health of operators and must be removed in a safe and efficient manner. The most common material used when soldering is Tin which when heated to extreme temperatures and vaporized, can release toxic fumes.

Having an extraction system that can safely remove these hazardous substances, will not only provide a safe working environment for staff, but will also ensure your workshop is adhering to the government guidelines regarding hazardous waste removal.

WORKY – Renowned specialists in the manufacturing and supply of extraction systems provide a range of portable extraction units specifically designed for use when performing soldering work. These units offer an efficient solution that is not only compact and easily manoeuvrable, but also provides an excellent quality to price ratio.

The SMOBIPLUS is a portable solder fume extraction unit complete with a 1.5HP motor, 4 filter battery, and a 3m extraction arm. This unit can be easily transported around the workshop thanks to its well-designed wheelbase, ensuring the unit can quickly be moved from one location to another with ease.

The STOR-C is a compact solder fume extraction system with a powerful 0.88kW to 230V single phase motor and 2m 50mm diameter hose allowing the STOR-C to filter up to 99% of aspirated fumes.

Want to find out more about the WORKY range of solder fume extraction systems and how they can benefit your workshop? Contact our dedicated projects team on (01295) 768373 and select option 1 at the menu. Or alternatively, you can email them at

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