A breath of fresh air!

Introducing The Technique T9001 air purifier and professional ozone generator. The T9001 is an ideal anti bacterial treatment machine that is designed to remove unpleasant odours and bacteria from a vehicle whilst also acting as the perfect weapon to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.

Built to the highest standard, The T9001 will cleanse any vehicle by absorbing the fabrics of the upholstery, seats, and roof linings, as well as the vehicles air circulation system safely completing most jobs in only 20 minutes, plus airing time.

  • Simple and easy to operate.
  • Supplied with 12 volt lighter adapter.
  • No use of any chemical.
  • Kills bacteria.
  • Removes odours such as tobacco and petrol.
  • Treatment while you wait.
  • Excellent power generating investment.

Download the brochure here and for more information, contact our sales team on (01295) 768373, or alternatively you can email them at enquiries@bullworthy.co.uk.

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