All systems go for Wolsey VW Van Centre!

When deciding to further utilise existing space in the workshop, there are many factors to take into consideration ahead of time, this is the ideal time to call Bullworthy the garage equipment and project specialist. Many factors such as identifying the current demands in the market, and how the latest equipment technology can have an influence on the space available to make it more productive and profitable.

Wolsey Van Centre had such a space within their existing workshop. Already identifying that offering Class 4 and 7 ATL MOT testing was a necessity for the company, the question was whether anything else could be done to further make the space more productive? Working with Bullworthy in the earliest stages of the project immediately identified that there was a possibility of incorporating a full state of the art Hunter Hawkeye 4-wheel alignment system, thus doubling the productivity of the bay. By also using the Rotary Class 7 ATL MOT 4 post lift with its immense 6m length platform, the addition of the fully integrated wheel alignment platform can further enhance the lifts capability when not conducting MOT testing.

Bullworthy worked with the architect to come up with a scheme that would allow the lane to handle both MOT and wheel alignment systems. This meant alterations to some parts of the building and completely removing and relocating the current oil and waste oil systems for both van and car workshops.

Over a staged period, Bullworthy engineers re-routed the oil and waste oil lines to new bunded storage tanks making space for works to start on the MOT and Alignment bay. During the early summer months, the building contractor made the necessary alterations to the building and finished the MOT lift and TECHNIQUE roller brake tester recesses, whilst adhering to the Bullworthy civil works drawings.

The Bullworthy projects installation team installed the premium TECHNIQE and Rotary Lift branded ATL MOT equipment alongside the Pro-align installation team for the Hunter Hawkeye alignment system. Full hand over and user training was completed in August and shortly afterwards the DVSA awarded the site approval for MOT testing.

In a recent social media post on behalf of the group, David Nichols, Head of Business for Wolsey VW Van Centre had this to say on this exciting new development.

We are delighted to announce that Wolsey Volkswagen Van Centre Ipswich has now been approved by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to carry out Class 7 MOT’s. This follows many months of planning, construction and investment. In addition to Class 4 & 7 MOT equipment we have also invested in a 6 tonne Rotary vehicle lift and Hunter four-wheel alignment equipment which can also be used for setting up Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC).

On behalf of the whole team at Bullworthy we would like to take this opportunity to thank Wolsey Van Centre for their continued business and wish all the very best for their new venture in testing MOT’s and full four-wheel alignment.

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