Don’t be left fuming over exhaust extraction.

Modern day workshops are faced with huge expectancy to ensure the safety of their staff as well as members of the public regardless of their size. Providing a safe working environment for technicians to work efficiently in as well as ensuring the workshop is as environmentally friendly as possible can be a daunting task. This means that having a well-ventilated workshop area that can effectively eradicate exhaust emissions is a necessity. Brining in a specialist company to design and install such a system that is tailored to the requirements of your workshop will not only increase its productivity but will also reduce the maintenance costs whilst ensuring it is adequately protected against hazardous exhaust fumes from vehicles.

Bullworthy’s specialise in the design, supply and installation of bespoke exhaust extraction systems that can be tailored to fit any purpose. We are also distributors for Sacatec who are Europe’s leading extraction and de-polluting system manufacturers. Sacatec have designed and manufactured a comprehensive range of extraction systems fit for various purposes for more than 50 years and are considered by many as industry leaders in their field. As well as providing complete bespoke extraction systems, Bullworthy also act as distributors of genuine Sacatec accessories and spare parts such as hose end nozzles and couplings. This makes Bullworthy’s a clear cut choice of company to consider working with when looking to obtain an extraction system.

With a spike in demand over the past few years from customers enquiring about exhaust extraction, Bullworthy’s decided to launch a new website dedicated solely to this area of the trade. The website act’s as hub for clients who are looking to incorporate an exhaust extraction system into their workshop and provides detailed information on what exactly we have to offer. It also gives customers the opportunity to order genuine Sacatec accessories as well as spare parts for their existing extraction systems.

To find out how Bullworthy can assist you with the design of your new exhaust extraction system or to find out more information on the products we supply, please visit our dedicated website Alternatively you can email our specialist projects team at or call them (01295) 768373 where they will be delighted to assist you with your enquiry.

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