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TECHNIQUE is continuing to build upon their reputation of suppling premium quality, European manufactured workshop equipment into all sectors of the aftersales marketplace. You will find the recognisable brand within dealer groups, independent workshops, tyre shops, and a range of unique applications which include automotive industrial sectors, agriculture, education, and motorsport, including Formula 1.

TECHNIQUE has a large portfolio of premium equipment to choose from with MOT equipment, tyre changers, wheel balancers, vehicle lifts, wheel alignment, exhaust extraction, workshop furniture, air compressors and service equipment being just the tip of the iceberg. The TECHNIQUE range has just seen further expansion into ‘Vehicle Health Check’ systems, an ever-growing market sector to help their clients find new ways of increasing profitability. Vehicle Health Check systems adopt the use of new cloud-based software and technologies, to enable tyre tread scanning (handheld units and floor mounted systems), fast check wheel alignment, vehicle body check imaging, ADAS calibration (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), brake checking and suspension testing.

TECHNIQUE opens with the entry level tyre equipment which include all the minimum specifications a unit must have to enable changing and balancing on both steel and alloy rims. The T2210-PRO tyre changer comes with an assist arm for low profile/run flat tyres. The 2D balancer is not only ideal for knock-on weights, but also features automatic programmes and aids for stick-on weights stopping the balanced wheel at the correct point of weight application.

For high volume tyre outlets, TECHNIQUE has the answer. A 3D balancer packed with features and multiple user programs that can match any tyre to the wheel, using a ‘HD’ graphical display guiding the user to apply the correct weights quickly, and correctly using the fully illuminated laser blade positioning tool. The two TECHNIQUE tyre changers offered to this sector both include unique tyre memory features, effortless centre post clamping systems, multi-option bead breaking, and patented anti-scratch tyre demount tooling… and this is only scraping the surface for the array of standard features available with both machines.

TECHNIQUE now offers wheel alignment. A new 3D Wheel Alignment system that has eliminated the need for wheel compensation, an 8CCD Wheel Alignment system that requires no PC, and a 6CCD system that packs a wireless punch for entry level alignment checking.

If you would like to enquire more about the TECHNIQUE Health Check Technology, or any of the other equipment within the expansive range then contact the representative in your area without delay.

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