Gear up for this summer!

As we quickly approach the summer months, it may be worth considering how the market will change during this time and how your workshop will be able to accommodate these changes. For example, with the increase in road vehicles being equipped with modern air conditioning systems as standard, customers will be looking for these systems to be replenished and maintained. Or with the days becoming longer, lighter and warmer, golf clubs and their ground maintenance departments will need their fleet’s working at full capacity. Luckily Bullworthy have a rundown of our top equipment picks that will keep you busy this summer!

Air Conditioning:

The air conditioning systems found in modern-day road vehicles has seen a vast technological advancement over the years placing a bigger demand on the automotive servicing trade to be able to maintain and re-supply them to a high standard. Ensuring your workshop has the very best equipment available on the market will put you in good stead as we enter the summer months ahead. WAECO is and has been the abbreviation for excellent quality and cutting-edge technology in the air conditioning service equipment market for many years. Their comprehensive range of service units are constantly improved and complemented to meet future requirements.

The flagship ASC series of air conditioning units have all it takes to perform the standard service work on automotive air conditioners. All models in the series come standard with a USB connection, allowing users to easily update system software and databases via a USB stick as well as retrieve important service data. All of the air conditioning service units WAECO supply are configured to supply both R134A and R1234YF refrigerants.

The quick-start functionality comes in very handy in everyday workshop use. By simply entering the amount of refrigerant to be charged, and a total of three input instructions, the unit will automatically do all the required functions. All process steps are fully automatic and self-monitored by the system. Errors are indicated via audio to alert the user as well as visual signals from the built-in swivel-mount display unit.

Turf Maintenance Vehicle Lifts:

As we rapidly approach the summer and move into the warmer months, we see a rapid increase in the demand of vehicle lifts that can cater to the demands of a busy green keeping company or golf club. A lift that can not only maintain various types of mowers and landscaping equipment but can also lend its hand to servicing cars and light commercial vehicles. With that being said we introduce the TL07 two post turf lift from Rotary, the worlds most trusted lift manufacturer.

Widely used with major ground care equipment companies and top golf clubs throughout the world, Rotary’s TL07 two post turf lift is able to deal with the largest and most varied turf machines available. The clever arm design easily copes with 3 or 4 wheel machines and the two post configuration provides superb access around and under the vehicle. The TL07 brings ease to turf machinery maintenance and is a must for those who value keeping their ground care equipment in top condition. As a bonus, the TL07 can be easily adapted to take conventional cars and light commercial vehicles up to 4.0 tonnes in weight.

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