Getting a grip on tyre diagnostics!

Tyre diagnostic equipment is an important addition for the reception bay for any class of workshop. Having such equipment in place creates the possibility of additional opportunities and revenue for your business.

Introducing the Technique T2800 series Treadreader – A fully automated, drive-over tyre measuring and scanning system that is easy to use and incredibly fast.

Even before the driver exits the vehicle, all tyre and wheel diagnostics are available. The Treadreader software does it all! Within seconds, uneven tread wear can be analysed and captured for the customer with zero technician labour involved.

Easily track and record the need for wheel alignment, suspension adjustments or a new set of tyres. The graphical diagnostic report provides the data for immediate analysis and is automatically stored for later analysis or printing.

Want to find out more about the T2800 series? Contact our sales team today on (01295) 768373 and select option 1 at the menu, or alternatively, you can email them at

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