Giving exhaust fumes the slide!

The exhaust extraction system has now become a must have piece of equipment for any workshop regardless of its size – A necessity to provide a safe and clean environment for staff and customers alike. The key to a good workshop extraction system is its ability to handle hazardous vehicle exhaust fumes quickly and efficiently. Not only to limit the spread around your workshop, but to safely disperse the fumes outside of the workshop as not to cause damage to the environment.

A prime example are the sliding extraction systems from WORKY – Renowned experts in all aspects of workshop extraction, and manufacturers of the finest equipment available within the trade.

The sliding extraction systems from WORKY offers complete flexibility, capable of reaching multiple workstations thanks to its sliding element across a sturdy extruded aluminium track. This type of system is designed to eliminate disruption to staff, whilst offering quick access to vehicle extraction thanks to the systems foldable touchless GTL touchless arm – The most advanced solution for exhaust extraction from all types of vehicles, regardless of the size and position of the exhaust pipe.

GTL arms are completely touchless making it effortless for the operator to position the nozzle next to the vehicles exhaust – Not only saving time but eliminating the need for different adapters or special nozzles for different exhaust pipes.

Not just limited to larger workshops, a system can be specifically designed that will accommodate the needs of your workshop regardless of its size. WORKY can cater to all sectors of the trade, that is what separates them from the rest of the crowed!

Are you looking to acquire an extraction system and do not know where to start? Perhaps your existing system could do with an overhaul? Regardless of your enquiry, we would love to speak to you! Contact our dedicated projects team today on (01295) 768373 and select option 1 at the menu. Or alternatively, you can email them your questions at

Visit our website for more information on WORKY and their product line.

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