Nothing but the best for Wellingborough golf club!

Wellingborough golf club recently contacted Bullworthy’s sales team looking to replace their existing turf maintenance lifting equipment. Without hesitation, Bullworthy were quick to point the customer in the direction of the Rotary T107 Two Post Turf Lift – Considered by many of the countries top golf courses as their preferred turf maintenance lift.

Working closely with the clubs representatives, Bullworthy were able to successfully install the new lift with the help of custom made floor pads designed to be used on flooring that is either not strong enough or not to the required depth. Integrating these floor pads enabled the customer to adjust their current flooring to the correct standards, without the need for strenuous ground works amendments.

The TL07 brings ease to turf machinery maintenance and is a must for those who value keeping their ground care equipment in top condition. As a bonus, the TL07 can be easily adapted to take conventional cars and light commercial vehicles up to 4 tonnes in weight.

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