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The vehicle lift market is an expansive environment where competition is rife, but individuality is less common. Manufacturers are constantly pitting against one another to offer the customer the most unique product that sets themselves apart from their counterparts.

There is one such company however that sets the bar in terms of the quality of product and reputation within the garage equipment industry.

Rotary Lifts – Considered by many to be the world’s most trusted vehicle lift provider, have been manufacturing vehicle lifting solutions for the automotive industry for over 90 years and are renowned for their superior build quality, reliability, and ability to adapt to the constantly changing requirements of the busy modern-day workshop. So much so, that many of the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers consider Rotary Lifts, to be the preferred choice in their workshops across the world.

Drawing on decades of experience, detailed market research and invaluable feedback from workshop technicians, Rotary Lifts are able to adapt and address common issues customers may have. With invaluable customer and operator feedback, Rotary’s product designers have an excellent understanding of what the customer requires from their products.

Bullworthy are authorised suppliers of Rotary Lifts in the United Kingdom so if you’re considering investing in new vehicle lifting equipment or replacing vehicle lifts due to age or reliability issues, then speak to Bullworthy. With their in-house dedicated projects team, you will receive professional advice on what vehicle lifting solutions are available to you. Don’t delay, call today! (01295) 768373 select option one when prompted or alternatively, email your request to

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