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The popularity of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) has never been greater, and as of January 2022 every vehicle manufacturer has a legal requirement to install 2 forms of ADAS to every vehicle produced. Their inclusion will mean that they will need to be checked, repaired, and calibrated. The importance of maintaining these systems to ensure they operate correctly will provide an extra source of income for the service centre.

As most road accidents occur due to human error, ADAS systems are developed to automate, adapt, and enhance vehicle technology for safety and better driving. ADAS have been proven to reduce road fatalities by minimizing human error. They also carry out other adaptive tasks such as cruise control, parking assistance and satellite navigation.

With such vital tasks that can mean the difference between life and death, using the right equipment to make sure these systems operate correctly will ensure your workshop carries out these tests efficiently and most importantly, correctly.

Introducing the TechPRO Digital ADAS calibration system from Technique. The TechPRO Digital ADAS system is a revolutionary step change in the maintenance of digital assistance systems. It is super simple and easy to operate, making maintenance of ADAS systems accessible to all workshops. With its easy to understand user interface, the TechPRO can carry out a simple test in as little as six steps.

The calibration frame is fully automatic and can be adjusted via electronic control resulting in zero movement of the vehicle whilst being tested. At the core of the TechPRO system is the patented Targetless Technology which offers complete versatility, allowing the digital panels to adapt to existing or newer vehicle reference protocols. Thanks to the TechPRO’s intuitive software, it allows the tester to evaluate the environmental and physical conditions such as the floor and distance from the vehicle. It also offers access to an expansive vehicle manufacturer database which is constantly updated to ensure universal coverage.

Want to find out more about the TechPRO Digital ADAS calibration system and what a pivotal role it can play in your workshop, contact our sales team on (01295) 768373 and select option 1 at the menu. Or alternatively, you can email them at

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