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If you have ever planned a workshop, relocated existing equipment or arranged for new equipment to be installed, you will be aware of what a stressful period this can be. Ensuring everything runs as smoothly as possible whilst liaising with engineers and sales representatives can be overwhelming, even for the most experienced Service Manager and business owner. That’s why, when in the early stages of planning your project you should consider working with an equipment supplier that can offer a Turn Key Solution for every stage of the process. From the drawing board, through to project delivery and completion. Having a dedicated projects team from the outset will ensure that your workshop is delivered in time and on budget.

Bullworthy, has such a dedicated projects team of workshop designers and Project Managers. We will alleviate the strain by taking control of the project from day one. Working closely with business owners and service managers we will ensure everyone involved is provided with regular updates and progress reports. Drawing on years of experience whilst working with some of the UK’s largest dealerships and independent garages to deliver flagship workshops. Bullworthy, can provide the complete service which is unequalled. From the very outset, your initial consultation with our experienced sales representatives will assure you that from that moment on, every aspect of your project will be professionally monitored and maintained.

With the experience of our skilled workshop designers using the very latest in-house CAD technology, we can turn your vision into a viable working solution. Our designers can produce highly detailed and accurate workshop drawings for you to present to your Architect or to submit to VOSA for your MOT application.

Require some assistance with your VOSA application?

We will be more than happy to assist you by liaising with VOSA representatives and advising you on admin procedures. Not only do we take care of things off site, we also ensure everything runs smoothly on site. This is achieved with the involvement of our Project Managers, specifically assigned to you to oversee all aspects of work that are conducted inside your workshop. They work closely with our installation team consisting of professional GEA (Garage Equipment Association) accredited engineers to ensure your workshop is delivered to the highest standards.

Are you considering a new workshop build? Refurbishment? Would you like to work with a professional team?

Talk to the specialists today! Regardless of requirements, we would like to discuss your needs with you and show you what we have to offer. Contact our projects department today with your enquiry by emailing or by calling us on (01295) 768373 we are waiting to assist you.

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