Power and Portability!

CV workshops are often extremely short for space considering the size of vehicle being inspected. This can have an impact on the overall productivity of the workshop due to how many vehicles can be worked on at one time.

Having the ability to carry out works elsewhere away from the main workshop, perhaps outside, would eliminate this issue and ensure that your workshop is operating at full capacity.

Introducing the Wireless Column Lift range from Technique. This mobile lifting solution is designed specifically for CV workshops in mind where space may be an issue.

All four individual lifts come complete with heavy duty casters and hydraulic towing jack which offers complete portability. Once in place, everything is safely secured in place thanks to the mechanical locking system. After use the lifts can then be stored away easily, eliminating the need for a permanent footprint a four-post lift would require ultimately giving you more space in your workshop.

Bullworthy’s Regional Sales Manager Andy Kent discusses a recent visit to a customer in a similar predicament.

“While visiting a customer’s commercial vehicle workshop regarding a compressor, the owner told me that he’s fed up with working off their workshop floor for vehicle underside inspections and maintenance, he apparently hasn’t enough room for a traditional HGV platform lift. So, I mentioned some of the benefits of our column lifts, the large solid and safe base offering maximum stability while under load with self-supporting steel wheels being manoeuvrable, this allows for a remote storage position at a quiet part of their building. He replied “yes but what about those messy cables” no we have wireless columns now, with batteries in their units being fully rechargeable in approximately 10 hours and capable of twenty lifting cycles while having a full load. The columns can operate together either simultaneous, as a selected pair or just a single column. They are electro-hydraulic so offering reliability with minimum maintenance and available in three different capacities 5500kg, 7500kg and 8500kg per column.”

Want to find out more about the Technique Mobile Column Lifts and how they can be implemented into your workshop, then contact our dedicated sales team on (01295) 768373 and select option 1 at the menu. Or alternatively, you can email them at enquiries@bullworthy.co.uk.

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