Practice makes perfect!

When running a busy workshop with multiple vehicle technicians, it’s important to ensure that staff are fully capable of correctly operating the equipment inside that workshop in a safe and efficient manner. Reading and understanding all the provided manuals supplied by the vehicle lift manufacturer and replying on training provided by either the lift manufacturer or the supplier of your equipment is usually a good starting point. However, there is an additional piece of literature than can prove just as useful if you are looking to further your understanding of operating vehicle lifting equipment.

The GEA (Garage Equipment Association) have released The Safe Operation Of Vehicle Lifts guide which provides additional training and useful information to help further your technicians understanding of using various types of vehicle lifting equipment. The guide serves as an additional training aid which can be used alongside other training manuals and is not intended to replace the operators manual or any other specific product training manual.

Bullworthy’s Service Manager Paul Williams explains how useful the guide can be to workshop owners, service managers and technicians alike.

The Safe Operation Of Vehicle Lifts guide from the GEA can serve as an extra layer of knowledge to your staff, ensuring that they have a firm grasp of the principles involved with using the equipment around them. As a workshop owner or manager, it is your responsibility to ensure that your vehicle technicians are working in a safe and efficient manner.

To obtain a copy of the Garage Equipment Associations Safe Operation Of Vehicle Lifts guide, contact our service department today by emailing or by calling us on (01295) 768373.

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