Preparation is key!

Over the course of the nationwide lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic, local garages have been contacting Bullworthy to replace their existing equipment in preparation for when restrictions are eased and businesses can reopen.

The lockdown period gave workshops the opportunity to assess their equipment safety and make the necessary changes whilst their staff remained at home. Upon the workshops staff return, the business owner can be rest assured that new and safer equipment is ready for action in order to help catch up the backlog of services.

Woodford Garage, situated five minutes away from Bullworthy’s head office, were one of those businesses that did so when they enquired into replacing their existing two-post lifts with new Rotary 4 tonne SPOA40 two-post lifts.

Bullworthy’s key staff were on hand to facilitate the supply and installation of the new equipment whilst maintaining and adhering to the strictest social distancing measures as outlined by the Government, keeping both customer and staff as safe as possible.

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