Technique tyre equipment ticks all the boxes!

Bullworthy are pleased to be able to offer the new and exclusive ‘Technique’ range of wheel care equipment. With its state of the art technology and brand new design, the tyre equipment range from Technique not only offers exceptional value for money, but a host of features that separate it from the rest of the competition.

Technique is a brand that has more than twenty years of industry approval and a stellar reputation as being one of the most well-respected brands of garage equipment within the trade. Each piece of equipment from Technique undergoes rigorous stress tests both in house and out in the field, to ensure their equipment far exceeds the customers expectations as well as the strict demands of CE approval.

Technique T2030-3D Wheel Balancer

The Technique T2030-3D is a Fully automatic 3D balancer designed to fit into any high volume tyre shop. Laser pointing accuracy for weight positioning, the Caliper arm and 3D Sonar arm gives quick automatic distance, diameter and rim width measurements.

Technique T2220-M1 Tyre Changer

The Technique Memory 1 should not be mistaken for any standard tyre changer. This completely lever less tyre changer makes easy work of changing any low profile, run flat or standard tyre. The memory function allows the vertical roller bead breaker and demount head to go back to the same rim position at the push of a pedal. The height adjustable center post clamping system allows for reverse rims to be positioned without any damage to your customers rim. The variable speed motor allows slower speeds for low profile tyres.

Technique T2440-3D Wheel Alignment System

The Technique T2440 Bluetooth 3D wheel aligner is a practical fast and easy to use 3D wheel aligner. The Clever 3D Technology eliminates the requirement for roll back on a vehicle lift unlike its competitors. The Unique system with Quick Check and Bluetooth feature allows the system to be versatile and can be used anywhere within the workshop. This system can also be used on the floor, on a two post / 4 post lift. ADAS Compatible – ADAS compatible front & rear axle measurements. Built in guided illustrations for adjustments in 3D animated images.

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