WORKY GYNMA ‘exhausts’ the competition!

Introducing the GYNMA stand-alone exhaust extraction unit from WORKY – Offering a universal and contactless solution for exhaust extraction regardless of the type of vehicle. The ergonomic double nozzle design allows for easy handling and quick use with the help of the adjustable arms, providing flexibility unlike any other unit of its kind.

GYNMA offers several configurations, diameters and temperature resistances making extracting of gases from vehicles with a twin exhaust simple. The GYNMA fits to any variant of vehicle and can be connected to any existing single pipe systems. Included with the GYNMA is a trolley mounted nozzle for double exhaust pipes, complete with Y piece, two hoses 1.25m long each, clamps and two rubber nozzles model GRN mounted on independently adjustable arms.

Download the brochure here!

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